A sugary historyWe have been making handmade candy since the forty's!

A long long time ago..

Way back in the forty’s, a little boy lived close to a giant Candy Factory every day he passed the large gates and picked up the smell of the clove rock, brandy balls & chocolate macaroon. This little boy was my uncle Willy (Willy Dunne) and this was when he decided he wanted to make sweets.

Uncle Willy became a master candy maker in that very factory and all was good until he had an accident, losing three fingers! Uncle Willy never returned and decided to open his own shop in Belfast’s Albert Bridge road. He then opened a second in Templemore Avenue, Belfast. Everything went well but he needed help.

A sugary treat for young and old

Northern Irish Candy Supplying sugary treats to Northern Ireland since the 1940's

Aunt Sandra (1953)

A Tour & Background Of The Factory